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Choux Swans with Diplomat Cream


Choux Swans with Diplomat Cream

Choux Swans Paste


250g water

Pinch of salt and sugar

100g butter or margarine

125g flour

4 eggs (approx)

Important points:

Always sieve the flour.

For Choux paste is better to use greased trays rather than silicon paper.

It is important not to open the oven at least for the first 10 minutes, otherwise the choux will not rise, (the steam that choux has inside, and the hot air of the oven is what makes it rise ,and if there is not enough hot air because the oven has been open the final product will be soggy.


Mix all the ingredients, making sure that the flour is sieved as it could be a source for insects to grow.

Put the chopped margarine and water in a saucepan and bring it to boil as soon as possible, it is important not to let the liquid evaporate.

Put the flour at once, and make it smooth. Put the mixture back on the flame for 30 seconds.

Put the paste in a cold bowl, and gradually add the beaten eggs to the hot mixture, beating continuously with a scraper.

The paste is ready when it has a dropping consistency (when dropping the paste from the spoon we are left with a nice looking triangle not with a broken one.

For the swans and the cream buns pipe the shapes on a lightly greased tray using a star nozzle.

Bake at 200C.-for about 30 minutes. Do not open the oven for at least 10 minutes; otherwise they will not grow as they will be lacking the hot air needed.

Pipe the heads of the swans (in a number 2 shape) on a tray prepared with silicon paper.

Once out of the oven leave it cool and open them using serrated knife.

Fill them with a rosette of cream Chantilly using a piping bag. For choux buns put some fruit on the cream

Close them dust the top with icing sugar, and decorate chocolate if wanted. For the swans cut the top part into two to make the wings.

Slice some strawberry for the tail place the head, and dust them with icing sugar.

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 Pastry Cream


1 litre of milk

190g sugar

80g French custard powder

200g whole eggs or 150g egg yolks

25-50g unsalted butter


Place the milk in a heavy saucepan and bring it to the boil.

Whisk the eggs and sugar in a stainless steel bowl.

Add the custard to the eggs and sugar and mix it until smooth.

Temper the eggs adding a little of the boiled milk, and add it to the rest if the milk stirring continuously,

Boil for a few minutes until cooked, remove from the heat, and add butter to make it rich and shiny.

Transfer the pastry cream into a stainless steel tray and allow to cool.

Recipe by our Pastry Chef  Dora Morales
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