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Lakefield Students with Falcon at Hotelympia 2016


Lakefield Students with Falcon at Hotelympia

Once again, students supported our Patron Neil Rosewier on the Falcon Catering Equipment  and Williams Refrigeration Exhibition in London, Hotelympia, one of the UK’s largest food service and most important hospitality events that happen every 2 years at Excel London from the February 29th of February -3rd of March.

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Four students worked in various hospitality roles on the Falcon Catering Equipment and Williams Refrigeration joint stand . It gave them an insight into event planning, barista work, food & beverage service as well as front of house customer service. Falcon Chef development Neil Roseweir, one of our Patrons was the one in charge of our students and looked after them for 4 days. Working with Neil always gives the students a great opportunity to grow in skills and confidence.

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Elisa Vergara, Level 2 Professional Cookery Student

It was an intense 4 days of working at the bar, but I enjoyed every minute of it. This experience helped me to be more confident about myself and deal with people. Working with a professional chef like Neil was a great fun and very inspiring.


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Anastasia de Menezes, Level 2 Professional Cookery Student

My experience at Hotelympia was fun and a good learning experience. Neil is a wonderful person to work with because he made it interesting and I learnt a lot from his organisation and people skills. Working in front of house is always enjoyable for me, I love being around people at the show and I’ve encountered many different customers. I learnt to adopt my service style and read the situation according to the customer needs. I really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again if I got the chance

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