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Hard Work Pays Off in Wessex Salon Culinaire Success


Hard Work Pays Off in Wessex Salon Culinaire Success


Seven students from Lakefield joined the prestigious Wessex Salon Culinaire competition yesterday, one of the UK’s largest live culinary competitions took place at Central Befordshire College, Incuba Campus on 17th -18th of May 2016. The successful event, held in association with the Craft Guild of Chefs is split into four categories – Live Hot (LH), Live Cold (LC), Restaurant (R) and Display (D).


After many months of hard work, training and refinement of their entries, seven of our students received medals. Students of Lakefield are trained with a high work ethic standard. Omero Galucci, Development Chef, Senior Chef lecturer and awarded National Hero 2016 Craft Guild of Chefs and with help of Maria O’Dowd, Chef lecturer, mentored all the Professional Cookery Students who joined the competitions.


Kristen Henderson, Lakefield Course Director, PACE Best Hospitality Lecturer 2016 trained food and beverages students with help of April Poblete, Hospitality NVQ Assessor, City and Guilds Lion Award Future Leader of the Year 2015.

Lisa Clapham, Lakefield’s Director is on hand supporting all students of Lakefield’s. Lisa said  “These competitions are great opportunities for the students to grow in confidence and knowledge of industry. Well done!”.

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In the Cold Static Display Chocolate Dessert Taste category, two of our students entered and came away with medals! Muriel Mendoza, Level 3 Patisserie student won silver medal, her dessert consisted of Chocolate Mousse layered with Raspberry Kirsch Compote, dressed on a Chocolate Praline Crunch and Glazed Raspberry Jelly, served with a chocolate half sphere filled with Raspberry puree, garnished with Chocolate Coconut Raspberry soil and fresh Raspberries filled with Chocolate Ganache to complete the elements of the plate. Ana Greguric, Level 2 Professional student won bronze in the same category, her dessert is traditional Croatian 8-layer Chocolate Ganache soft biscuit filled with Orange syrup, coated in light Chocolate glaze served with Candy Orange Truffle.

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Two of our Level 2 Professional Students entered for Bakery Skills Category Display, each of them has to produced 2 loaves of 800gms and 12 assorted rolls. Elisa Vergara won Silver award and Medinah Belgrave won Bronze medal.

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Basi Sira, Level 2 Professional Cookery student entered for Decorated Cookies Tasted Category won a Certificate of Merit. Basi Sira presented her 12 decorated cookies suitable for children’s party in a beautiful carousel model.


After the competition Omero said “What fantastic results at the Wessex Salon, Congratulations to all the team it was great to work with the girls and I look forward to many more competitions”.

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In the restaurant category, two of our Food and Beverage Student entered for themed table layup sponsored by Debono. Given only 15 minutes, competitors had to lay tables appropriate to a themed prize-giving ceremony, with a menu and wine choices for a three-course dinner and coffee. Karleene Pailan, Level 3 Supervision and Leadership student won Gold Medal for her City and Guilds, black and red inspired prize giving themed table. Karleene finished off her table with elegant floating candle under the red roses vase. Wilhelmina Ebessen, Level 2 Event Planning Student won Silver award, her table is inspired by Norwegian Yacht Club prize giving ceremony, she presented her sailboat shaped menu, Norwegian flag runner and a beautiful blue flowers in the middle of the table. Both of them worked professionally and showcase their technical skills and knowledge about their chosen menu in which both judges are both pleased and impressed to see.

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Karleene Pailan was carried away with another Gold medal in the Napkin Folding category. Given only 10 minutes, she needed to use her knowledge and creativity to produce 3 sets of duplicate napkin folds, appropriate for fine dining, banqueting and finally for a room service tray. All work is performed against the clock and under the judges’ close scrutiny.

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