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Lakefield Associated Organisations

Lakefield is associated to the following Training Centres, Hospitality Schools, University Faculties and Professional Organisations worldwide.


Based in Ireland, Lismullin Hospitality Services Centre is an institution committed to being a leader in its field. It prepares women for professional and supervisory careers by offering a wide range of specializations in the Hospitality Industry and Health Services Sector.  LHSC produces graduates who are ready to face current and future industry challenges and are prepared to be leaders with personal integrity and the ability to meet others’ needs with grace and dignity.

They offer Major Awards in Nursing and Hospitality Studies CAS/FETAC Level 5.  These give an excellent career foundation and valuable skills for life.  Throughout these courses emphasis is laid on high academic standards, character training, and the importance of professional work for the development of the person and society.  Lismullin’s philosophy of service to others is cultivated both inside and outside the classroom.



Altaviana started in 1978 as a Secondary School specializing in vocational training in Hospitality and Tourism in Valencia, Spain. Their students are currently placed in different areas of the hospitality sector such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants, etc. in various countries.

The school has a specific aim: to serve the students, their families and society to achieve excellence in work, a good formation and a positive outlook on life. Altaviana’s style of education results from its Christian ethos and the perceived importance of each person achieving their full potential. Altaviana is a corporate work of Opus Dei.

We work with people from all social backgrounds with the aim of making them good professionals. We also offer Continuing Formation and occupational courses for unemployed workers from the Hospitality and Tourism sector.


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