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Alternative to A-levels

Vocational courses - a route to career success and university!

If you’re undecided about uni or your plans have changed, there is an Alternative to A-levels and other options after A-levels such as NVQ, gap years, and more. This page explains university alternatives available after your A levels.

Did you Know?

While A-level qualifications are very much valued, there are other pathways to the university through vocational routes. These are work-related and designed to help learners acquire work-related knowledge and skills.
You can study vocational courses at Level 3 that it is an A-level equivalent and beyond. You can continue your studies after level 3 – for example, taking a Foundation Degree, HND or a degree-level apprenticeship. We are delighted to be able to advise young people, and parents, on vocational courses.

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Not sure if you can access to University without your A Levels?

A-levels aren’t the best choice for everyone but just deciding you don’t want to do A-levels or you didn’t pass them, doesn’t mean you’re destined to stack shelves for the rest of your life (not that there’s anything wrong with that). There are loads of options that’ll lead you to great career paths and some will even give you the opportunity to go to uni.


Vocational qualifications are designed to ensure students are ready for a job, and are designed with employer involvement. Do a job and get put to the test to gain an NVQ (National Vocation Qualification) – it’s as simple as that! During a specific task, an NVQ assessor judges your performance and gives you the qualification to do it anywhere! The good thing is that it’s recognised by most employers too. Whatever your path may be in the future (employment, university etc.), getting your NVQ is a great start! You can continue with a job or is a wonderful alternative to University!

Examples of vocational courses at Lakefield Hospitality College

Lakefield Hospitality College introduces three New Patrons for 2017


A stepping stone to go to university, this Hospitality Course provides the knowledge and skills to set you on the progression route to hospitality service related degrees such as Travel and Tourism, Event Planning or Hospitality Management.

If you live outside London, the College offers accommodation and the possibility to work for a Catering Company in the meantime you are studying.

Some Bursaries are available.

alternative route a levelLakefield Hospitality College introduces three New Patrons for 2017


Study Professional Cookery Level 2 and Professional Cookery Level 3 or Patisserie Level 3 just in two years and enter university.

This Professional Cookery Diploma in London builds the foundation for a career as a Professional Chef and allows you to develop across all areas of professional cookery expertise.

If you live outside London, the Cooking School offers accommodation and the possibility to work for a Catering Company in the meantime you are studying.

Some Bursaries are available.

Students Intergenerational Outreach Programme


If Cooking, Hotels or Restaurants are your passion, take your Gap Year studying cookery or Food and Beverage with us for a year. Doesn’t matter if you didn’t pass your A-Level, or you are not ready to go to University.

Lakefield College will offer you a residence in a very nice family atmosphere and also paid work.

This Gap Year could be your itinerary route to university or give you the option to start working straight away.

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PARENT AND DAUGHTER COOKING COURSE SPECIAL OFFER! Get the 4 classes for just £40 (Real cost: £345)