GIRLS’ COLLEGE

Carolyn MCardle

Carolyn has had a varied academic career – qualifying in Institutional Management in 1978 and later on in Modern Languages in Manchester. Since 2006 she has been involved in Assessing candidates using a range of methods and is currently using her teaching expertise to deliver our L3 Supervisory and Leadership NVQ.

About Us

Lakefield as a centre for excellence and as a charity we are turning out some of the best young chefs in the country today and the best professionals in the hospitality industry. Lakefield Hospitality Courses provide hospitality and cookery courses. Our London cooking school has a wide range of Professional Cookery NVQ’s Courses, Hospitality NVQ’s Courses, Professional Chef NVQ’s courses, Hospitality Supervision NVQ and Hospitality Short Courses. It also offers the possibility to live in and work.

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Junior Chef Academy

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