GIRLS’ COLLEGE

WOW! Cake Decorating Competition


Whether you’re a novice to cake decorating or you know a bit, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to enter the competition classes at WOW! Decorating Cake Competition.

This is your time to shine and showcase your skills and creativity to everybody.


09.30                      Registration/ Coffee

10.00                       Introduction to Lakefield

10.30                       Workshops start

Modelling with Alan Shipman

Piping with Tracy Munroe

Icing with Alan Shipman

12.00                       Lunch

12.30                       Time to set up stations

12.45                       Competition Starts

14.45                       Competition ends

Judging takes place

15.00                       Prize Giving

15.30                       End


YEAR GROUP (required)


DATE: Friday 10th February 2017 from 09.30 am to 3.30pm

WHERE: At Lakefield Hospitality College, Maresfield Gardens, London, NW3 5RY

COST: £5 per entry (even if entering as a team)

WHO: Any girls between the ages of 14 and 18, whether you are at Secondary school, Home schooled, College or University.




    Awarded Patisserie Chef



    Pastry Chef

    The Royal Garden Hotel


What is the WOW Cake competition?

It is a novelty cake decorating competition, for 14—24 year old girls. The aim is to create a cake that both looks and tastes good.  You can choose any theme you like!

Are there prizes involved?

There will be 3 categories.

14 – 15 yrs                   16 – 18 yrs                   19 – 21 yrs

In each category there will be a First prize and a Runner up.

The first prize will win a masterclass with one of our chefs. Everyone who takes part will receive a certificate.


Can I prepare any decorations before I arrive?

You can colour your icing if you do not wish to buy it coloured already and cut out templates and organise your colouring if you wish but you can not prepare any of your decorations beforehand. If you are modelling any of the pieces you can not make the models beforehand. You are allowed to use readymade icing if you wish. It is also a good idea to think of how you are going to carry your cake home – Bring a box!

What happens if I forget my ingredients?

Unfortunately Lakefield can not provide any ingredients for you as we do not keep any extras. There is a supermarket down the road but you will not get any extra time. Check you have all your ingredients before you leave home!

Do I have to use all the cake?

You get to use your imagination by designing and creating a cake that is suited to your chosen theme. The aim is to use as much of the cake as possible when creating your masterpiece.

Can I take my Cake home with me?

Yes! …But it is a good idea to think of how you are going to carry your cake home. Think of the finished shape of your cake and bring a box!

Can I enter as an individual?

Yes, but remember that you have the same amount of time to complete your cake as teams of 2. It could be a good idea to find a friend to help you.

What is Lakefield?

Lakefield is part of the Netherhall Educational Association and provides Hospitality Services for the 120 bed Netherhall Hall of Residence for Students. We offer training for a variety of hospitality  courses.  See our courses https://www.lakefield.org.uk/courses-2/  for more details.

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