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IN DEPTH: Innovative Hotels

from http://www.prahranhotel.com/

It is clear that all hotels are aiming to be unique. Through the use of innovative ideas, they are able to attract a diverse range of customers, including those from young to old, whether it is for business or leisure, and at the same time ensuring that their customers have enjoyed an exclusive experience. There are hotels which are going above and beyond the idea of being innovative through successfully linking their ideas to hospitality.

Some hotels aim to achieve this through little things suggesting that they are reaching out to younger audience members, such as Virgin Hotels using a service light on their doors instead of a “do not disturb” sign as well as making it known that their rooms are pet friendly by having statues of animals outside some rooms.



Similarly, Radisson is now experimenting with a new idea of guests being able to check in online 24 hours before showing up. They receive a confirmation email containing a barcode, which they then scan that in the lobby, following this they are able to collect their key.

On the other hand, some hotels do not focus on technology as much, possibly as they are appealing to an older audience. Townhouse Hotel Maastricht provides their customers with a cup of home-made soup at check-in and are offered local cakes to take home at check-out. Furthermore, Secret de Paris aim to share a local experience. They have created 7 contrasting room categories that resemble 6 different monuments of Paris including The Moulin Rouge and The Eiffel Tower. You are even able to change rooms several times during your stay. The customer only finds out what room they will be staying in when they arrive. In addition, The Treehotel in Sweden has designed rooms among the treetops, proving to be highly innovative. However, while treehouse getaways have been thought of before, here they aim to be unique by being the most design-forward, by having hydroelectric underfloor heating in all the eco-friendly rooms.

Therefore, I believe that in a few years time all hotels would have adapted to the rapid technological changes, from a customer checking-in to staying in their modernised rooms, each hotel will have a way of expressing their uniqueness through more digitalised hospitality.

Catherine Candia

Hospitality Service NVQ, Student Level 2.

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