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Students Intergenerational Outreach Programme

Students Intergenerational Outreach Programme

Students Intergenerational Outreach Programme

Lakefield students visited the JW3 Jewish Community Centre in Hampstead on Friday 15th May as part of their CPD programme. The aim of the visit was to kick start a range of further intergenerational outreach activities between Lakefield students and the local community.

Lakefield’s Head Chef Doris Morales along with Level 2 Professional Cookery students introduced the craft of making marzipan flowers for Shavout (the Jewish Spring Festival). During the session students were delighted to explain and help those who attended. This was a good opportunity for our students to show what they have learnt during the year and to give something back to the community.

The session participants were very happy with the finished product which was a flower pot dessert and it was completely edible.

Lakefield encourages all their students to work hard to fulfill their potential. They are taught to be excellent professionals, to work as part of the team and to show the utmost respect to others. Teaching them how to value their work and have an attitude of improving all the time. As individuals working in the service industry, it is important they become aware of the social aspect of their work. To be concerned with the needs of others by way of anticipation.

After the session Eva Burke the programme coordinator said “The girls were both professional and personal, lovely and knowledgeable, respectful and eager to share their skills. They encouraged, helped and explained.

They are a credit to your school and we are thrilled to be able to collaborate with you. They were fully prepared and also worked well with each other as a team -congratulations!”

Students Intergenerational Outreach Programm

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