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WOW Cake Competition 2015

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This year’s WOW Cake Competition overall winners are Karleene Pailan and Muriel Mendoza.  The theme of their cake was inspired by the movie Secret Garden. Their cake consisted of lush green grass made of coloured coconut, fencing made from sweet biscuits and a pond with blue jelly. The girls used several techniques which won them a gold medal, piping, quilting and frilling.

The competition was judged by two past students Raquel Otero (2012), Demi Chef de Partie at the Grove and Nim (2005) product researcher for Arysta Food Solutions.

This programme is designed for young people to show case their cake decorating skills and unleash their imagination.

Participants showed both skills and teamwork. Those competing had a two hour time limit to produce something exciting and creative using a variety of techniques. The novelty cakes presented ranged from ‘Beautiful Asia’  to another entitled ‘Circle of Life’ and Disney which is always a popular theme.

The WOW Cake Competition is a novelty cake decorating competition for 14-24 years old girls.

The aim is to decorate a cake that both looks and tastes good.

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The winners were:

Senior Section

  • Winner – Muriel Mendoza and Karleene Pailan
  • Runner Up – Romina Smith and Isabel Fortin

Intermediate Section

  • Winner- Lujan Rosales

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